School Technology Policy

A Culture of Belonging, Equity and Safety

These are our priorities at Prince of Wales and will continue to be this school year.

To address some concerns that greatly impacted this culture, and the safety and wellness of our students and families last year, there will be no access to cell phones for students during the school day.  Students are able to bring cell phones but they will be stored safely until the end of the day.  

Please ensure your child knows that phones may not be stored in backpacks, pockets, desks or lockers.  If cell phones come to school, they will reside in the phone hotel in each grade 4 - 8 classroom until the end of the school day.


All calls and communication to home should be done with teacher permission through the office. If you need to message your child, please call the office.


Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are not permitted to bring cell phones to school.

Thank you for your support and understanding.